World Patient Safety Day 2023

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Elevate the Voice of Patients!
Safe health care is a fundamental right of all patients, everywhere, every time.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that up to 10% of patients worldwide experience some form of harm during their care. This harm can range from minor injuries to severe complications, and even death.

There are many factors that contribute to patient harm, including:

At Unique, we subcontract medication control to a qualified pharmacist who pack and utilise the blister pack system for chronic meds. The sophisticated software identifies contra-indications in meds (often prescribed by various medical practitioners) etc. We furthermore have other ‘checks and balances’ to ensure script adherence.

We communicate with and welcome engagement with all parties involved to optimise care for any of our patients.

Staffing at our elderly care managed units is according to Department of Social Development / Older Persons Act.

Patient and family engagement is a key strategy to developing safer health systems. Safe health care depends on the full involvement of patients, families and multi-disciplinary team and it requires an individualised care plan.

There are many ways that patients and families can be involved in ensuring safe care, including:

At Unique Health, we are a fully compliant company, operating on industry best practice, by managing and deferring risk wherever possible. We are highly committed to patient safety and strongly believe that patients and their families are essential partners in ensuring safe and optimal health care.

Join us in celebrating World Patient Safety Day 2023!
Together as a team, we can make a difference in ensuring safe care for everyone.