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Primary & Preventative Health Care

Primary is the ‘first’ level of healthcare intervention which is considered essential and basic to sustain the health and wellbeing of an individual. Interventions are based on practical, scientifically sound and affordable methods that are universally acceptable in terms of prevention and treatment. This could include the screening process, management of diseases, first aid, etc.

Unique Health delivers these services for and on behalf of employer groups and villages on site. Primary Health Care includes preventative education and care. It is well understood that early intervention can alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering down the line. It furthermore enhances self-management and reduces disease development. For employer groups it reduces absenteeism and promotes productivity and longevity.

Disease Management
Disease Management is usually associated with a chronic condition, and involves identification of the condition, the establishment of a care plan and compliance with a treatment protocol. The aim of disease management is to avoid complications and limit the number of hospital admissions. Once a need has been established, support is provided to ensure compliance to treatment.

Effective disease management / intervention has proved to sustain the well-being of the individual with a significant cost-saving benefit to both the individual and the medical insurer.

Health Risk Assessments
Health Risk Assessments can be conducted to establish medical risk of any individual and usually involves Medical History, Physical Examination, BMI, BP, Rapid Glucose, Rapid Cholesterol and Urine testing. Thereafter the individual is referred (if indicated) or coached or trained on improving health with lifestyle changes.

Corporate Wellness & Wellness Days
Companies usually have ‘Wellness Days’ These are planned fun days with activities and healthcare service offerings.
As with Health Risk Assessments – tests are conducted, medical risk identified, and brief coaching done with the primary responsibility being diverted back to the individual. (Self-management).
The benefit to the employer is that risks are identified confidentially (as the employer group receives statistics not compromising the employee’s confidentiality). The employer can then plan accordingly and offer further intervention to their employees thereby ultimately improving productivity and reducing absenteeism.

Oxygen Therapy Management
UH manages a national project for oxygen therapy in the home environment which involves regular home visits, ensuring compliance, machine servicing, and patient monitoring, education and care.

Female Care
UH provides family planning and pap smears for and on behalf of employers on site, thus eliminating the necessity for female staff having to take time off work to receive their contraception and/or have their annual pap smear.

Mother & Child Care
UH provides Ante & Post Natal Care Services to the mother and child; interventions can include immunisations.

Services are rendered for and on behalf of organisations. UH will send a phlebotomist to the patient to retrieve the required pathology sample from a patient at a site of choice i.e. work or home. UH has existing relationships with all the major Pathology Laboratories. We also provide phlebotomy staff to laboratories if needed.

Clinical Trials
UH has Nursing Personnel with GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Certification that runs with the Clinical Trial according to client specifications.

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