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Pre-authorised Medical Insurer Services

UH is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders and has a Practice Number; therefore, can bill Medical Insurers for pre-authorised rendered services.

  • Assessments (On-Site)
  • On-site Case Management
  • High Risk Case Management (to contain costs)
  • General Nursing (Palliative / Frail / Respite / Post Surgery)
  • Ventilation Management
  • Medical Procedures – Wounds / BCG / Phlebotomy / etc.
  • Multi-disciplinary Team Visit (Physio / OT / Speech / Dietician / Social Worker)

UH manages various case management projects on behalf of Medical Insurers. The focus is to ensure compliance to treatment protocol and to avoid costly hospital admissions.

An initial assessment is conducted by a Registered Nurse on-site (could be in a hospital / home / care centre / etc.) who identifies the health risk and required intervention. This assessment report is submitted to the respective Medical Insurer with a quotation for care or intervention. The Medical Insurer will use the information provided and determine whether the service is necessary and can be funded. If so, a Pre-Authorisation Number with applicable ICD10 codes is issued to resume medical intervention. UH will ensure that the Medical Insurer is billed directly using the MediSwitch direct billing application.

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